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Serving the Redding, CA areas.


Walk throughs of each site in need of services help determine your Cleaning Details. We work with you to customize a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule for cleaning & sanitation of your office/facility space.

The range of services that we provide is extensive and we handle all of your building's cleaning & sanitation requirements making it safe, clean and appealing.

Example of Cleaning Details

  • Sanitize all common space surfaces. Such as: door handles, switch plates, telephones, hand rails, furniture arm rests, table tops, etc.

  • Empty all waste baskets, and trash containers

  • Replace all waste containers and torn liners as needed

  • Dust and/or polish desk, office furniture, picture frames, and cabinets

  • Remove smudges and fingerprints from doors, door frames, and light switch plates

  • Clean and sanitize all drinking fountains

  • Dust windowsills and other flat surfaces

  • Clean  and sanitaize all elevators

  • Return chairs, furniture, and wastebaskets to proper location

  • Sanitize, clean and polish toilets, urinels, faucets, sinks, & countertops

  • Clean all mirrors

  • Dust and/or polish bathroom fixtures and tops of partitions

  • Dust mop and/or damp mop all tile floors

  • Wet mop all floors to remove spills and stains

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Spot clean all interior glass and Plexiglas

  • Clean all entrance and exit glass doors

  • Neatly arrange magazines

  • Turn off lights except those designated to be left on

  • Lock and alarm buildings