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We are committed to providing a clean and sanitary environment to all of your offices at this time.

With concerns over Covid-19 we are following the protocols recommended by the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization Specifically:

Nightly Service Includes Disinfecting with Citr-icide at the recommended 120:1 ratio with H20.

MSDS Citri-cide: https://www.ronbarlabs.com/sds/Citricide(SDS%20%20).pdf

Additional MSDS for cleaner product:

Comet: http://www2.merlino.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/MSDS-Comet-Powder.pdf

Windex: http://local510.org/msds_sheets/Windex_MSDS.pdf

Neutral Floor Cleaner-ZEP: http://www.cor.cleaneasier.com/php/MSDS/Zep/Neutral%20Floor%20Cleaner.pdf

* Employees will stay home if they are sick.

* Practice social distancing and avoid close contact with anyone who is coughing or has a fever.

* Wash hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol based sanitizing gel with at least

60% alcohol.

* Use good respiratory etiquette and cover your cough and sneeze with your elbow or sleeve and

avoid touching your nose and mouth.

* Wearing protective medical grade gloves during cleaning visit.

Cleaning is done floor by floor on a nightly basis. Each floor is completed in one pass.

The cleaner checks their work and moves to the next floor.

* Disinfecting consists of wiping down a surface, removing all soil, and then wiping down or spraying

with a disinfectant. The restroom fixtures are then wiped down additionally with new clean damp clothe.

* Disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces with Citri-cide/Lysol disinfecting wipes including:

These items are are wiped with single use Lysol disenfectant wipes:

- Light switches

- Door knobs/push bars

- Elevator call buttons and doors

- Vending machines  pg.1

These items are sprayed with Citri-cide and clean damp towel:

- Handrails in stairwell and mezzanine

- Breakroom tables and chairs

- Built in countertops throughout building

- Sinks/countertops/dispensers

Restrooms- Disinfected with Citricide Spray

- Light switches

- Door handles

- Partitions

- Urinals and Toilets

- Walls behind bathroom fixtures

- Dispensers

- Sink basins/faucets/countertops

- Trash cans

- Mirrors cleaned with Windex

- Sink, toilet, urinal basins additionally scrubbed with Comet

- Restroom floors are mopped using Citricide nightly and neutral floor cleaner as necessary.


* All mop heads and linens are discarded as used nightly. New clean mop heads and linens used nightly.

Additionally, please notify our office if any staff within your office, patient, or customer has knowingly

entered your office with exposure of COVID-19 or tests positive for the COVID-19.

MJM will also contact you directly if we become aware of any staff exposure.

We thank you for being Great Customers and your cooperation. We will continue to provide you

with the same great cleaning service. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with anything

we can do to help.



Michael & Mindy Mack

MJM Services



Happy Family


Watercolor Painting


Happy Man

I enjoy cleaning for MJM, as I know I have contributed to office's sanitation,

in return helping keep our community healthy. 

Girl by the Lake

MJM understands establishing great relationships with Clients and Employees. Approachs each job with consistant, high standards of cleaning and sanitation. These two together create a positive vibe with happy Clients and Employees.


Overall great concept to take with me down any career path I choose down the line.

Happy to work for Mike & Mindy.

Warm Up on the Beach

Working for Mike & Mindy has been great. They care a tremendous amount  about each clients cleaning needs and in return also treat me with respect and kindness. Proud to work for MJM.


Mack Janitorial Maintenance has been providing Quality Cleaning Services

in the Redding North State area since 2010.

The Mack family has lived and done business in the Redding area for five generations.

Our family started in the construction business in the 1950's and

the original family business is still going strong.


At MJM we feel privileged to be able to carry on the tradition

of providing employment and working with local businesses

to help make Redding a closer and stronger community.


We believe we live in the best city in the North State!


At MJM we are passionate about employing those who live in our community

and creating a Team of Leaders who will gain life skills to take with them for the rest of their lives.

We believe the best way to deliver top quality service

is to have a team of individuals who are motivated, well compensated

and take pride and ownership in their work.


We strive daily to create a positive culture and environment for our team

to grow and thrive, and work diligently to maintain our industry leading standards

that our clients have come to know us by.

"Providing employment and quality life skills for our team has become MJM's mission.

Our community needs jobs.We love being able to help our Employees on their path to success. Creating job opportunities is the most rewarding part of what we do"

- Michael Mack